Monday, July 19, 2010

Boat Trip out of Bitez

As a continuation of Murat's birthday celebrations and Hasan's going away events, we rented a boat out of Bitez marina today.  There are a lot of boats that go on daily tours out of Bodrum, Yahsi or Bitez - all you have to do is show up a little before 10.00 am and you can have your pick.  Unfortunately, most public tours can get a little crowded and have a preset schedule.  We had friends of ours that went on one of these, two weeks ago and said there was nowhere to hide from the scorching sun and they were out for six hours... It could be fun with a lot of sunscreen and a good hat.  No tanning salon can give the effect a boat trip can.  Since we had a big group, we hired a private boat and took off.  Although, they could've cooked for us on the boat, we brought our own food and they provided cold drinks and lots and lots of ice.    We were out for four hours and went to various coves to jump into the Aegean with wild abandon.   It was a very special occasion because my mother-in-law who swears not to set a foot on any kind of a vessel near the water came on-board and enjoyed the whole day with us.

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