Sunday, July 4, 2010

The Recipe for my mother-in-law's 'Vanilla Pudding with Peaches and Graham Crackers'

200 gr Graham Crackers
3 boxes of Jell-O Sugar Free Vanilla Pudding
3 3/4 cups of Cold Milk
2lbs of Fresh Peaches Peeled and Sliced (you can substitute canned fruits for this but fresh is infinitely better)
Fruit juice to dip the cookies in to soften them

1.  Mix the cold milk with the pudding mix for two minutes, set aside.
2.  Put a little bit of the pudding at the bottom of your plate.
3.  Take the cookies one by one, dip them in juice in order to soften them and lay them side by side on the plate.
4.  After the whole plate is covered with the cookies (you can break them to fill in the empty spaces) lay down a thick layer of pudding.
5.  Cover the whole surface with the sliced peaches.
6.  Repeat steps 3 thorough 5 once again.
7.  You can sprinkle cinnamon or  shredded coconuts over it.
8.  Cool and serve

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