Thursday, February 24, 2011

A Sense of Self through Art - Impressionism

Claude Monet,
Camille Monet and a Child in the
Artist's Garden in Argenteuil, 1875

This semester I am taking Impressionism at Rutgers.  I was so happy when I got a space in this very popular class and so far the lectures have been wonderful.  But, for some reason, as much as I am fascinated with the lectures and the readings, I can't seem to form coherent thoughts on one of my favorite subjects that I used to think I was well versed in.  The problem is probably just typically forgetting to breath, and  loosing sight of the forest for the trees. I have to remind myself on a regular basis that I am doing this simply because I love it...  I should not worry about the tests or the grades but that seems to be easier said than done... especially when I sometimes catch myself getting all stressed out and the joy turns into anxiety.

I have to figure out a way to get back to being 'aware' again and just living for the moment... but I also have to do the best I can do in this class.  I want to get as much as I can out of the time and effort I put into it.  So, as a way to trick myself into making things fun and interesting again, I think I will use this blog...  I haven't quite figured out how I will proceed but, I could probably start  with the visual comparison I have to write on two works of art from the Met for next Monday.

Camille Pissarro, A Cowherd at Varhermeil, Auvers-sur- Oise, 1874

I wish I had taken a photograph of it myself when I went to see it this week because Met's photo does not do it justice.  It was so much more bright and lovely in real life. Here is a little detail I took that might give a better idea of the colors.

Vincent van Gogh, Wheat Field with Cypresses, 1889, 

The  detail shot I took of the Van Gogh shows the power of his brush strokes.
Here and now I am issuing myself a challenge and I plan to continue my search for a sense of self through art by sharing my notes and thoughts from my Impressionism class, on this blog.

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