Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Chicago Culture Center

Tiffany Dome of the Chicago Cultural Center
One of the most impressive buildings I saw in Chicago had to be the Cultural Center which was the city's public library till 1974.  Today it is used for a variety of activities from lectures to art shows to lunchtime concerts.  The concerts that take place at Preston Bradley Hall, which is on the Washington Street entrance of the Culture Center, should not be missed because it is a feast not only for the ears and eyes but also for the soul.   We attended a Wednesday concert at noon under the dome and it was a magical experience.

View of Millennium Park from Preston Bradley Hall 

I couldn't get enough of the mosaic decorations of the walls and the dome. The color harmony, materials used, the elegant design, all appealed to the artist in me and my fingers were itching to get started on a new illumination.

I would definitely put the Culture Center on a must-see list for Chicago. And the best part is of course, it's location, right on Michigan Avenue, across from the Millennium Park.

Chicago Culture Center
78 E. Washington St.
Chicago, IL 60602

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