Sunday, May 29, 2011

Sedef's Corner is One

Today is the first year anniversary of Sedef's Corner.  Although I had started the blog as a place to store and publish my writings, I had no idea where I wanted to go with it.  I had been writing for the past four years, but without an outlet except the graciousness of my friends.  I was writing because I just had to and this blog became a great place to keep doing it.

What prompted me to put serious time and effort into it was a book I read by Rita Golden Gelman - "Tales of a Female Nomad- Living at Large in the World."  Through the message I garnered from her book, on May 29th 2010, I finally took the courageous step and said, "this is how I want to live my life."  Thorough the course of the past year, as life went on one day at a time, I tried to share my experiences, thoughts and knowledge... basically all the things I love, right here.

There was no one theme in the beginning except for my experiences, but slowly as I let things happen, this became a place where I started to share my knowledge from one of my biggest passions - Art History.  And today, I feel Sedef's Corner has finally come into its own as a blog about Art and the History of Art.  I am and always will be an ardent lover of art and I hope to continue my journey into the past as well as the present of this enchanting world.  From now on, this will be my platform for all that I find interesting about the creative process.

I will have to start another blog for my traveling tales... Hope to see you there as well...

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  1. Many congratulations on the first year milestone Sedef! Online publishing is a wonderful way to explore and share knowledge - particularly about art history.

    Whilst each of our motivations to write are always intensely personal, I think the most exciting aspect of seeing art history focused writers online is how they are constantly adapting, learning and improving - in both content and presentation. This is the challenge art history online faces, one which you have faced bravely with each post as you develop your own unique and engaging style.

    Keep up the great work!

    H Niyazi
    Three Pipe Problem


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