Saturday, July 30, 2011


I had not even realized what my idea of paradise was until I went to Aspat Beach yesterday.  Solida Beach Club is situated on its own private bay with acres of flat land that provides its occupants a variety of different lounging options.

From what I understand, the owner is a businessman from Ankara who is realizing the ultimate utopia by supporting the arts, history and nature in this proverbial gold mine instead of selling out to developers.   There is a beach area as well as a big, wide lawn that is littered with lawn chairs, hammocks and swings under palm trees or canopies.  But there is a catch to this paradise... you have to share the space with sculptures that were produced by artists at Aspat for Aspat.  I believe in August this Eden of delights turns into an artist's colony and the art work strewn throughout the grounds are the end-products of these activities.

Between swimming and lounging around, I walked around the premises and took pictures of whatever caught my fancy.  Unfortunately, I couldn't find the information for all the works, so some will have to remain anonymous for now.
Terma Resort Solida Beach Aspat,
Aspat, Turgutreis/Bodrum
Tel:  0252 393 8520
Fax: 0252 393 8522
GSM: 0533 734 0426

Meysem Samsun, Halumce Bedrettinem, 2004

Berika Ipekbayrak

Nilhan Sesalan, Suslu Yaprak Agaci, 2003
Erdinc Bakla

Batu Siharulidze, Eagean, 2006

Ayhan Yilmaz, Isimsiz, 2003

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