Saturday, October 8, 2011

Madame de Pompadour - Royal Mistress, Patroness of the Arts, Adviser to a King...

Maurice-Quentin Delatour, Portrait of Madame de Pompadour, 1755
(Musee de Louvre, Paris)
I have always found museums to be magical places that can take the viewer to the eras represented in their collections.  In todays world of unlimited access, thanks to the internet, we are lucky enough to visit those eras through our computers.  Although nothing can compare with an actual experience of coming face to face with one of these masterpieces, this alternative can still manage to enlighten and enchant the interested viewer.  

While doing research for my realism class I came across a delightful commentary on the life and times of Marquise de Pompadour at the Louvre website that engaged me instantly.  I relished the brief inside look at Maurice-Quentin de La Tour's work with detailed discussions of all its elements.
The links on the left of the painting for - Portrait of a royal mistress; Composition of the portrait; A fabulous French gown; A daring political statement; Drawing with pastels; Delatour and his pastel portraits - are all priceless bits of information about this fabulous portrait as well as the time period.  
I hope you will embark on this journey...
Prepare to be enchanted.

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