Friday, January 13, 2012

A Treasure Trove of a Museum - GEMALDEGALERIE

We spent two glorious days in Berlin as we make our way back to the States.  I came with the intention of realizing my lifelong dream of seeing the Pergamon Museum which I accomplished yesterday but the Gemaldegalerie, today, was more than anything I could have possibly imagined. 

I had an experience akin to walking into a virtual art history book.  Gemaldegalerie is one of the best museums I have seen anywhere in the world.  It seems to have a perfect representation of 13th century to 18th century European Art divided into two main sections Art from Italy, France and Spain and Art from the North of the Alps, as well as a gallery of paintings from England, works by Sir Joshua Reynolds and Thomas Gainsborough.

Five hours and five hundred photographs later, I had to leave ... but my thoughts are still there and I hope I can get back here sometime soon.  All the art history classes and books and blogs I have been reading proved their weight in gold today...  Every single painting, in all the galleries, was observed with a knowing eye.  I basically took photographs of the works I particularly favored or details that I found charming in specific paintings... I can't wait to share them all here in this blog... soon.

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  1. Pergamon Museum looks like an interesting place to visit in Berlin. It would be lovely to see all those historical artworks.


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